Regenerative Energy

The request that energy transition should be realized as soon as possible is gaining momentum. Nevertheless, the fact that the demand for energy is continuously rising already does create new challenges for energy producers and network providers: The fluctuating availability of renewable energies, their storage ability and the grids’ stability in times of inconvenient weather conditions are issues that require innovative technical solutions.

As high voltages are characteristic for energy producing applications such as photovoltaic plants or wind turbines as well as for their storage units, the DC/DC converter becomes a key part of the system for transforming down the initial voltage. One of its tasks is, as an example, providing the auxiliary voltages for communication and control electronics of those plants. However, for this very special application, a wider voltage range is necessary; hence using conventional converters is no longer an option. As a result, an increasing need for safety and reliability of the devices in use is competing with high requirements in terms of efficiency.
Longtime experience in industry branches known for similar requirements, such as contact wire converters deployed in railroad industry, benefit to Grau Elektronik. Due to their high input voltage, these converters also set high standards in terms of safety, which are guaranteed by implementing isolation and decoupling measures. Galvanic isolation of input and output side, a MTBF that is particularly high, maintenance-free usage and excellent EMC protection are the advantages that distinguish Grau Elektronik’s converters and underline the fact that they are just perfectly matching the demands of renewable energy purposes.
Our existing devices have already been optimized for premium efficiency: After all, exploiting a high voltage range always goes along with high power losses that have to be compensated, for example, caused by parasitic elements when switching a high frequency transistor. In addition, the devices are often located in areas where harsh weather, inconvenient temperature and high altitude require reliable solutions for cooling and corrosion protection. Therefore, as a costumer, you will have an advantage that is saving time and money: No need to add complementary assemblies such as filters or fuses – Grau Elektronik already offers you the all-in-one solution!

Discover our high quality DC/DC converters with wide-range input that are already available in three different input voltage ranges.

Upon request, we will enjoy to develop your very own, costumer-specific solution!