For producing our devices, an own manufacturing area is at our disposition at our development site. These over 1000 square meters of surface offer enough space for storage as well as for high-end equipment for mounting and final assembly.
An ERP system assumes work and process planning and provides data for realizing the production process according to the system, defining the steps that will be ensured by our employees on site. As far as component procurement is concerned, we count on our cooperation with selected distributors in order to guarantee you a high level of quality.
The following procedure will take place entirely in our house: From SMD-Reflow mounting up to manual soldering, from gluing to cleaning and coating the surface and finally up to burning in – for each one of the manufacturing steps, our employees do carry the responsibility. Inspection, testing and alignment after each step of production as well as a comprehensive final test of the device just before shipping will make sure that only a flawless product will leave our house.
A documentation according to the related norms, containing 3.1 certificates and complete serial number documentation, is part of our work – as well as making instruction manuals and data sheets of your new device available for you.