Grau Elektronik offers you as costumer, an unbeatable advantage: our products are developed completely in our own house. The fact that development comes from one single source scores in matters of speed, short distances in communication and high flexibility. This will allow us to commit ourselves altogether to your special wishes.

Measurement technology

Besides the laboratory tests for our power electronics components, we are running in our house environment and precompliance tests as well as EMC examinations, so that our devices will always meet the high expectations. In addition, all the developers’ workplaces are furnished with most modern measurement technology and laboratory equipment in order to offer you the highest standards for your future products.
Hereby, we can count on well-proven partners: as a costumer, you will benefit from our longtime cooperation with accredited test laboratories for EMC, shock and vibration testing, who will guarantee for fully certified and qualified serial products.

Hardware development

The core competence of our expertise is converter technology that covers also in house development of transformers for small series and prototypes. However, who are the persons behind this complex process?
Our hardware developers that consist of both experienced and younger employees play a significant part in our products’ success. For rapid prototyping purposes, our experts can rely on a big variety of field-proven circuit topology and converter technology, allowing for a safe development of functional patterns.
Moreover, our team uses the circuit technology prepared by our in-house pre-development department, circuits that can be directly adapted for our customer-oriented solutions in a very comfortable way. Successful hardware development includes designers specially trained in respecting the principles of layout dimensioning, who create our boards using most modern software tools.

Software development

As a support to our hardware developers, we can count on software experts that accompany the projects together with our hardware team from the beginning on. All of the devices that are equipped with a communication interface demand an elaborated software concept.
That is what makes software engineering especially interesting for our battery chargers: as they ensure a secure functionality of railroad vehicles and industry plants, monitoring processes of high complexity are an essential issue. Closely interlinking soft- and hardware testing in our house offers advantages in terms of short development scheduling for initial samples. They do prove themselves in many ways by standing our simultaneous tests.


Research topics do not come off short with us: as we aspire to be up to date at all time, the pre-development in our company deals with innovations in our field of activity. Whether further improving bodywork and connection techniques, optimizing the design in terms of EMC, implementing circuit topologies and heating concepts even more efficiently working or refining planar transformer technology.
Therefore, we promote knowledge transfer, e.g. by fostering the cooperation with universities that includes supervising final theses as well as supporting research projects. And finally yet importantly, investing in new trainees bring fresh impetus to our company and keep us fit for future.

Construction and workshop

In parallel to our development process, we realize the mechanics and housing construction in CAD 3D design, making the completion of the total product as fast as possible. Here it comes to placing all the different assemblies and making sure that all of them do match perfectly in the final stage.
A far as the production of prototypes and small series is concerned, we can rely on our very own, modernly equipped mechanics workshop. Highest flexibility enables us to react quickly whenever first samples should be modified or whenever subsequent adjustments are necessary. Hereby, special needs in terms of design will be realized in a very short time. Also, in case of special isolation requirements, we can count on our very own resin dispensing system for transformers and high voltage converters – so you as our customer can be sure to get a product which has been conceived entirely by Grau employees and which has gotten ready right under their eyes!

Special construction

Thanks to their expert knowledge, our specialists of special construction are there for providing assistance to our developers by conceiving necessary testing devices or, for example, burn-in chambers already during the development phase of the product. These assistive devices and testing equipment will support at their best our daily tests and contribute to our products’ high quality.

Operations scheduling

The interface between development and manufacturing is closed by our operations scheduling. The question is how the products can be transferred into production sequence the most efficiently possible. A comprehensive planning of workflows, resources, operating equipment, working instructions as well as a complete documentation contribute altogether to an early product launch and high quality standards. Due to in-house manufacturing, we have access at any time when it comes to coordinating modifications of the product or incorporating optimizations. Everything to make sure that our all-in-one solutions will stay a winning formula!