Railway Industry

Applications in railway industry stand out due to especially high requirements concerning reliability and durability. Using high voltages means focusing on correct isolation and galvanic separation between input and output side. In addition, devices should be insensitive towards voltage fluctuations and interference. The vehicles’ high mileage is supposed to set standards regarding MTBF and maintenance-free operation. On the other hand, reinforcing the component protection means valuing short-circuit strength and overload protection. The monitoring components necessary for safety issues demand additional control electronics. And all this is expected to be found in one single device, the smaller the better.

Beyond that, comprehensive standards specify a variety of mandatory requirements – knowing and implementing them is a responsible task. The reason is more than obvious: Railroad companies’ special position as passenger transport provider sets safety on top priority. Small disruptions or failures can easily cause huge hazards, which will end up leading to costs no longer manageable. Therefore, highest reliability regarding the operating devices is indispensable.

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