Prototype Construction

Our customers‘ products are created individually at our company, a fact that is perfectly mirrored by our product development process: As a costumer, you can configure your future device according to your very own wishes – together with a Grau-Elektronik developer that will accompany you on the way towards your exclusive product. Following your specification, he or she will develop an individual concept for you and you will receive an offer tailored to your customer requirements. After the proposal, the intensive exchange still goes on: clarifications of technical details or even last-minute modifications will take place directly with our development department without demanding you to get lost in time-consuming inquiries.
Once you will have decided which product to choose, your prototype’s realization will be following just in time: electronics, design and mechanics work are all taking place at one location – at our headquarter in Karlsbad-Ittersbach. Developing simulation-based schematics and setting up test circuits, designing boards and modeling EMC- proof layouts, running a 3D construction of the housing and choosing carefully our working material: All our experts work together directly on site so that they can build up an operational lab pattern as fast as possible and optimize it by comprehensive tests.

SMD and THT mounting, surface treatment and final assembly take all place in our own production. For rapid prototyping purposes, an in-house mechanics workshop is at our disposition: Supported by modern CNC mills and bending machines, it will manufacture a housing so that we are able to present you a model ready for use.

Of course, you can count on a detailed documentation when following the creation of this prototype developed especially for you. If it is meeting your expectations, an extensive validation process is set in place that is responsible for putting our device through its paces. Only if our high safety standards are fulfilled at one hundred percent, your product of choice will be released for production – and you will soon be able to receive your product, designed and made by Grau Elektronik just for you.