Modern Railways 2014:

“Modern Railways” exhibition takes place for the 12th time this year. Hosted by the China Academy of Railways Sciences, CR and the China World Trade Center Co, Ltd. it is one of, if not the single most important railway industry exhibitions in Asia. The enormous growth of the Chinese market with it’s high-speed- as well as with their standard rail system provides great opportunities while demanding high standards in product quality simultaneously.

Our applications fulfill the established standards of railway industry and can be equipped for every terrain and climate. Particular interest applies to durability and reliability of our products.

Our long-time experienced engineers, whose precept is always the best price-performance ratio, are responsible for the already existing satisfied customers from around the globe. Use your chance to get in touch with us and to see our products with your own eyes.

For hitch-free fast sales and distribution we have decided for a partnership with an exclusive Shanghai based distributor. Short waiting times and a first-class service are guaranteed this way and we can rely on well educated staff also. At “Modern Railways” you can meet our local distributor “Gennaw” and ask questions face to face.

Campus maps and a booth overview can be downloaded from “Modern Railways” website. Visitor registrations can be made with this form.

The 20th China International Power Supply Exhibition:

The “20th China International Power Supply Exhibition” takes places in the well-known “Shanghai New International Expo Center” from 04.11 to 08.11.2014. We are sharing a booth with our local distributor “Gennaw” here as well.

We offer experience, specialisation and innovation in fields of railway technologies and laser applications. Thereby, standard- and customer specific solutions from 10 W to 15 kW belong to our offer. We are going to present our DC/DC, AC/DC, redundant battery chargers, ups-solutions and cPCI-Converters, which are designed for usage in harsh environments at this exhibition.

We are excited to meet new, international engineers and want to encourage exchange with sophisticated chinese developers. Also we are looking forward to meet old and new friends from ABB, ALSTOM, Bombardier, Knorr Break, Laserline, Siemens and many more.

If you got any questions feel free to contact us.

Selection of our presented applications:

DC/DC Converter

Grau Elektronik standard program reaches from 10W to 1‘000W for 19“ rack mounting or chassis/wall mounting. All converter families are designed fulfilling IEC 60571, EN 50155 railway standards. All converters do not need any external further components, like filters, fuses, heatsinks, decoupling diodes fulfilling the rail requirements. Converters are available with 1 to 5 five outputs. Temperature range reaches from – 40°C ( – 50°C on request) to + 85°C class Tx. High efficiency, well proofed design are crucial for long reliable operating life time.

Battery Chargers and Capacitor Charge Converters

On board electronic and devices are supplied by battery chargers. To guarantee long life time of NiCd or Pb batteries charging must be done according certain V_I algorithms depending on battery cell type. Grau Elektronik chargers are equipped with an electronic which enables an optimal temperature compensated charching. In many applications an auxiliary energy for starting processes is desired. The cap chargers are designed to charge capacitor banks to any intermediate voltages between 200V and 600V within shortest time under controlled processes.

Emergency Starter Converters

To avoid problems for starting processes at deep ambient temperature, e.g. when batteries are discharged, emergency starters can help. With connection to the overhead voltage line it is possible to make a safe start also when the vehicle was parked outside in very cold ambient. The emergency starters are available for several overhead line systems: 750VDC, 1’000V~, 1’500VDC and 3’000VDC.
Standard output voltages are 24V, 36V and 110V

Special Converters

Grau Elektronik has developed a special converter type to be able starting big inductive loads from variable three phase input voltage:

Input voltage VIN may change in certain limits as well as input line frequency. Output can be controlled by a microcontroller (I and V). Power range: 10 kW to 60 kW